Product Designer

I’m a product designer and startup advisor helping companies launch delightful new products. I work across user testing, high level UX design, gorgeous UI design, and interactive & motion prototyping to design products that are incredibly easy and delightful to use. But more than desirable products, I help design successful and sustainable companies. 

I love to chat with people about their projects. Send me an email at

My Past

I was previously at Evernote as a Design Director. I was there for 4 years and joined as one of the first designers. By the time I left, I had helped the design team grow to almost 30 and we were serving over 150MM users. I led small teams of only a few designers to redesign multiple products—including the revolutionary new Evernote Web App and Penultimate for iPad.

I’ve worked on major new features for Airbnb across their web app as well as Android and iOS. I’ve helped multiple startups go from no product at all to launching a very strong MVP and I’ve helped other companies go from a rough MVP to a polished version 2 that delivers on their brand promise.  

Design Philosophy

I move fast and ship things. I talk to users and leadership to figure out what a product should be. I build products for the people that will use them. I listen to those people to make their experiences more rich. In the end, I design products that are incredibly beautiful, delightful and engaging. I know when to sweat the details and when to get a rough version out for prototyping.

I believe great products are simple and usable only because of the the expertise and hard work that go into them.
I believe the best design is the one that makes a company successful—not the one that looks great and costs too much engineering time to build and maintain. 
I believe there is a time in every project to do something completely new and innovative. 
I believe there is a time in every project to use what already exists and move quickly to meet people’s expectations. 
I believe small teams are powerful—and therefor exciting.
I believe in working with the best people I can find. 
I believe there’s always a better way to do something and our work can always be improved.
I believe the most interesting companies are the ones that are solving a problem that they themselves don’t have. 
I believe that real people use enterprise software and we should build products for them—as people. Not as employees stuck in a corporate environment.

A bit more

You can learn a bit more on Twitter or Dribbble.