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Ideas of March 2012

Posted on: March 15, 2012

Chris Shiflett, a respected “web craftsman”, has put out a challenge to do more blogging and to show our appreciation of the medium. I’d like to take a quick minute to accept his challenge and to post just a little bit about why I blog and what I like about reading other blogs.

If you read this blog, you are super cutting edge. No really, there are only about 12 people that make their way here, so you are one of the privileged few. That is to say, I don’t write here to speak to a community, or spread big ideas, or be an expert on any topic. So what gives?

Why I write

I write because I feel like I have something to say. Quite honestly though, I have to work on it. It doesn’t come naturally to me these days. When I was in college, I used to write quite a bit, but lately, I just haven’t made the time, which means I’ve gotten worse and worse. This year I’ve been forcing myself to do it more. I’ve found that, by forcing myself to get my theories and opinions out, I also have to organize them. It feels like I have too many ideas in my head that are waiting to come out. So I’ll keep going until I AM a good writer, and until I find my voice and it feels natural and brings me joy again. Then I’ll be able to explain things better, and hopefully, with more entertainment value.

I write to share. Like many people who are on the internet a lot during the day, I run into a lot of interesting things. Sharing them with the twelve of you is something I like to do. It’s always fun to be the first to discover something new (to that end, tell all your friends about this really cool undiscovered blog to gain extra hipster points).

I write to be a part of something bigger than myself. When I was first getting started in design, finding good content was the thing that kept me interested. It was how I learned about the trade – about the craft of things. When people write on their blog, you get a unique view into who they are that you just don’t get from other online media. It’s a great way to share who you are, and for others to learn who you are. It’s a community thing I guess.

I write to express myself. When I redesigned my website last year, I decided to keep the blog, not because it was so successful, or because I wrote a lot, but because it shows a unique perspective on who I am that a portfolio just doesn’t get to. When someone meets me and I send them to my website, I don’t want them to see a bunch of portfolio pieces. If that’s all I am, then I’ll quit right now. Instead, I want them to see someone that is thinking through what is happening in the design world and responding to it. I’m thinking through movements and trends and the philosophy of life. All of that influences my work, and there’s just not a better way for me right now to express that than a blog.

In the end, I write because I’m alive. I’m here dammit!